Twisty Tracks

Twisty Tracks 1.0

An arcade game in which you will guide a train to recover your lost treasure
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Twisty Tracks is an arcade game in which you will guide a train to collect the scattered gems and coins of your lost treasure. However, the tracks are full of gaps that you need to fill in with the right section of track. The train will start to run automatically, so you have to control where the train goes by rotating these sections and making them fit. You will do so by clicking your left mouse button over each section.

The train must pass over the gems and coins in order to collect them. Then, you must guide the train to the Treasure Depot, where you will unload the collected gems. Any gap in the track will cause your train to crash, and you will lose a life. As you unload the collected gems, the gem meter will get filled. Once it is complete, you may advance to the next level. You will be able to go from one map to the next through the paths marked with an arrow.

Twisty Tracks can be played in two modes: Arcade or Realm Tour. The game play is similar in both modes, but in the Realm Tour you will follow a story. The graphics are very attractive, and the sounds are realistic. The unregistered version of this game will let you play for forty minutes. In brief, Twisty Tracks is a nice game that will provide hours of fun to people of all ages.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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